The Last Witchfinder


The Last Witchfinder


Not much to say about James Morrow’s The Last Witchfinder except don’t read it.  I mean it.  It’s the story of Jennet, the daughter of a witch-condemner in the 1600’s, both in Europe and the colonies.  Her mentor in life and science, her aunt Isobel, is hung as a witch when Jennet is young, and Jennet vows to her aunt that she will prove that there are no such things as witches, using Newton’s laws and reason.  A good premise, I thought.  Unfortunately, the book drags on this plot line for WAAAAAY too long, to the point where one does not even care if Jenet ever refutes witchcraft.  There’s a lot of nonsense with Issac Newton and Ben Franklin, and its just too hard to believe (yes, I realize this is historical fiction and you have to allow for some liberties).  The last 50 pages were better, but they could have been 100 pages earlier, skipping the wanderings in the middle altogether.  Just don’t read it; I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time.


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2 Responses to The Last Witchfinder

  1. kissysmells says:

    I was going to read this book..but you convinced me out of it! Thanks Sadie-Jean! You’re a real pal!

  2. kissysmells says:

    no seriously… it sounds like a poo for a book. it got five stars on amazon. just goes to show…people are mindless…well not without brains..because if you cracked open their skull i’m pretty sure you’d find something mushy that might be considered a “brain”…but not intelligence. you would find none.

    yay for books?!

    🙂 kissy

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