Copy Cat


Erica Spindler’s newest novel, Copycat is about Kitt Lundgren and M.C. Riggio, two cops in the violent crimes department in Rockford, IL.  Riggio is the young, new detective, Lundgren the seasoned veteran.  Five years prior to this story, the Sleeping Angel Killer strangled 3 ten-year old girls and dressed them in fluffy dresses — and the trying to solve this case destroyed Lundgren’s career.  Now it appears he is back, and Lundgren is getting her second chance to catch him.  But the crimes are different, and it appears that a copycat is at work.  The two detectives are forced to work together in order to solve the crime and save the lives of those they love, and each other.

Copycat is a good novel, fast-paced, smart, and refreshing in that the two main characters are women, a rarity in crime novels.  The story was unpredictable, and the crimes creepy.  Writing style was just average, but good enough to do the job. 


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One Response to Copycat

  1. Joel Burman says:

    You shpuld watch the film as well! Its great!

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