Immune Response

Immune Response


I was attracted to this book, Immune Response, because the main character was a Physician Assistant, a career I have not encountered in fiction before.  Reviews I read put the book in a positive light, as well as the author, Steve Perry.  To be honest, the book put me off at first.  It was, well, dirty, and the writing style was choppy–sometimes–and some of the sentences seemed liked run-ons or fragments (which this sentence itself seems like also, huh?).  But once the actual plot of the book got going, I couldn’t put it down.

Ric Scales, PA-C, runs a clinic in Washington near the Makah reservation, where he is the main medical help for the community.  He finds that several of his terminal patients have completely recovered…and soon they are either missing or murdered.  With Jay Hughes, the Tribal Deputy, Rick decides to figure out what exactly is happening to his patients.  

I am glad I’ve had some medical experiences and a biology background, because the book is a little technical in parts.  Also, the ending was too abrupt for my liking.  Despite that, the book was exciting and good in general.


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