Pox Americana

Pox Americana


I read some very positive reviews of Pox Americana: The Great Smallpox Epidemic of 1775-82 by Elizabeth A. Fenn before picking this book up at the library. And I’m always fascinated by “disease” books and the impact of disease on society. Therefore, upon discovering this book was nothing but a long list of who got smallpox, when, and where they passed it to, I was midly disappointed. But it was at least quasi-interesting seeing its influence on the Revolutionary War. THEN, after about 100 pages when this listing continued, only now as only conjecture because records do not exist, and this time not in the context of the war, I was extremely disappointed. This book is dull. Very very dull. I finish every book I read, however, I admit, I basically skimmed the last sections.

This book is not a book for those with an outside interest in the subject. Because it is one of the first works that points out the impact of smallpox in the Revolutionary War Pox Americana has significance. But unless you are teaching this or a historian, I advise finding another book.


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