At a 2005 archaeological dig in France, Alice Turner discovers a hidden cave, unvisited for 800 years, in which she has the strange feeling of being in before. She finds two skeletons, a labyrinth painted on the wall, and a strange ring. This triggers visions of the past, and of a young woman, Alais, who lived in 1209. She lives in a town known for being tolerant towards the Cathars, a group recently claimed to be heretical by the Catholic Church. When the town comes under siege, Alais is entrusted with a book that holds the secrets of the Grail, which she must protect from those who would misuse it, including her own sister. Alice’s and Alais’ stories become entertwined, and the result is an interesting look at the quest for the grail and those who wish to protect it.

Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth is DaVinci Code-esque in that its a thriller about the Holy Grail, but after this the similarities stop. The history in this book is very interesting, and the two strong female characters refreshing. At points the book was hard to follow; characters were easy to confuse due to the switching between time periods.


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