Tyrannosaurus Sue

Tyrannosaurus Sue


Steve Fiffer’s Tyrannosaurus Sue is an excellent book for any dinosaur fan, that delves into the politics and legalities of fossil hunting. Who legally owned Sue? The government? The American Indians? The fossil finders? The landowner? Sue was discovered in South Dakota in 1990, and was, and still is, the most well preserved Tyrannosaurus ever found. A bitter battle over her ensued, finally leading to her position in the main hall of the Field Museum in Chicago. A well written work, fascinating, often infuriating, with a important introduction by the famous Robert Bakker (well, famous for a paleontologist).


Try Tyrannosaurus Sue if you enjoyed the dinosaurs in Douglas Preston’s Tyrannosaur Canyon or Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park and The Lost World.

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