When a new Neanderthal skull, that is, one that only dates back 25 years, is found in Asia, Matt Morrison and Susan Arnot are sent to find these prehistoric relics, as well as their former mentor who has disappeared with them.  There, they discover two bands actually exist, one kind, vegetarian, and nonviolent and the other ruthless brain-eaters.  The also find a hidden advantage Neanderthals have over humans, a type of ESP.  Matt and Susan have to fight to save themselves, the secret power of the tribes, and one group of Neanderthals from the other.

John Darnton’s Neanderthal is often a bit too “out-there”, especially when dealing with the ESP of the creatures.  However, a lot of the information given about Neanderthals is accurate, and the book is pretty exciting in parts.  Unfortunately, chapters about them military are dull compared to the rest, and I often found myself hurrying through them to get to the next chapter.


Try Neanderthal if you enjoyed the subject of Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel or the suspense of Labyrinth by Kate Mosse.

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