The Crimes of Jordan Wise

The Crimes of Jordan Wise


 Jordan Wise is a dull 30 something man in the 1970’s, who is nothing remarkable, until he meets and falls for Annalise Bonner.  She wants excitement and change, and so Jordan decides he will give it to her.  Jordan then commits his first of three “perfect” crimes, leading them to a Caribbean island.  Twenty-five years later Jordan tells his story to a writer, and we hear how his perfect crimes weren’t so perfect after-all.

The beginning is fast and interesting, as Jordan commits the first of his crimes.  The middle seems unecessary, nothing much happens for a long time, and it often sounds like a travel book on the island and boats.  The end, as Jordan commits his last two crimes, picks the story back up.  The story could probably have been an entertaining short-story or novella.

By Bill Pronzini


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