Into the Wild

Into the Wild


Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is the story of Chris McCandless, a young man determined to live completely in the wild.  Giving up his savings and possesions, McCandless hitchikes through the country, eventually ending up in the Alaskan wilderness where he starves to death.  Krakauer tries to figure out how this could have happened, by interviewing the many who came in contact with the young man as well as tracing his path.  McCandless, while described as intellegent and idealistic, is often maddenling frustrating.  It hard to feel sympathetic for someone so clearly out of touch of reality.  However, Krakauer shows that McCandless’ story is not as unique as one would hope.  Like Into Thin Air, Into the Wild is exciting and well written. 


Try Into the Wild if you like Jon Krakauer’s other adventure piece Into Thin Air.

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2 Responses to Into the Wild

  1. Evan says:

    I had trouble finding anyone here in Manhattan who was curious to see the movie. I was dumbfounded because there was a time in my life when every associate of mine had read and had an opinion on this book.
    I wonder, did you see the movie yet?

  2. sadiejean says:

    I did not see the movie yet. Last time I checked it wasn’t released around me. I saw you liked it from your review on your site.

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