The Glass Castle


The Glass Castle




The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls details her childhood, raised by two eccentric, neglectful, and often abusive parents.  Her mother and father lived in their own reality, moving from one home to another due to strange conspiracy theories in which someone was always after them.  Never feeling jobs were important, the family rarely had food, resorting to eating the margarine because that was the only thing in the fridge.  Her father was an alcoholic, but Jeannette refused for the longest time to see any fault in him, until he spends her hard saved money on drinks.  Eventually, all of the kids escape to New York.  Of course, homeless mom and dad follow, seeing it as their next big adventure.

Walls’ writing never implies she wants sympathy.  Instead, she simply writes what happened and how she felt.  It is often hard to hear how this little girl loved and trusted in her neglectful parents so much, and watch her struggle to survive.  It is truly maddening to hear her parents justify their actions.  An excellent memoir that shows abuse isn’t always physical, and that escaping is more difficult than it seems.


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  1. donna says:

    So interesting since I just finished another book written by Jeannette Walls,” Half Broke Horses”. The author writes about her grandma’s up bringing. The grandma also tell
    s alot about her own daughter who would be Jeannete’s mother. Enjoyed both books very much.

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