The Book of Air and Shadows

The Book of Air and Shadows


The Book of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber follows two men and their connection to a set of letters 400 years old, and the Shakespeare manuscript they describe.  When Albert Crosetti comes across these letters, he realizes the possible importance.  Besides legal documents, there is nothing in Shakespeare’s own handwriting, and these letters are a clue to where the manuscript is hidden.  Jake Mishkin is an intellectual property lawyer who is entrusted with some of the documents.  Mishkin ends up chased by Russian gangsters, and Crosetti falls for the girl who is not what she seems.  Together, they end up in England, searching for the literary find of the century.

Albert Crosetti is much more likable than Mishkin.  I always longed for the chapters about him.  He is an aspiring film maker, who compares all the action in his life to film scenes.   Always amused by literary thrillers, this one dragged too much in parts, and the 400 year old letters were sometimes too much to bear. 


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  4. That’s so funny, I didn’t really like Crosetti or Mishkin. I liked Rolly. 😛

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