The Haunting of Hill House

For a Halloween Review….



The Haunting


Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House is the perfect read before Halloween. Eleanor is finally on her own after her mother passes away, and one can see from the beginning that she is not quite in touch with reality. Invited to Hill House by a paranormal researcher, Dr. Montague, Eleanor senses this is the something big she’s been waiting for. And while she was waiting for Hill House, Hill House seems to have been waiting for her. Joined by Theodora, just Theodora, and Luke Sanderson, the heir to Hill House, Eleanor witnesses the awakening of the house, as well as the awakening of herself.

At first terrified, Eleanor eventually becomes entranced with Hill House. She doesn’t want to leave, and Hill House wants her to stay. A great psychological horror story!


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3 Responses to The Haunting of Hill House

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  2. Elena says:

    I love that kind of stories… in fact I’m still wishing to get through Edgar Alan Poe’s The murderes of Morgue St. since when I tried it I was 14 years and, obviously, found it too scary.



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