In Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere Richard Mayhew saves a injured young woman, and finds himself invisible to the world in which he lived. His girlfriend doesn’t remember him, he no longer has a job, and his landlord rents his apartment to a woman as he sits in the tub. By helping the young lady, Door, he has become part of London Below, the hidden world that exist under London’s streets. On his quest to return to the above world, he follows Door in her attempt to discover the secrets of her family’s murder.

Neverwhere is exciting and original. It often reminded me of a twisted version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. While I liked the characters, much of the plot, and the ingenuity overall, I think that this SciFi/Fantasy genre is too out there for me. I suppose I don’t have enough of an imagination, because sometimes I couldn’t stretch as far as Neverwhere required. But for fans of this type of book, I say, go for it!


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