The Ruins

The Ruins


I’ll start of by saying that Scott Smith’s The Ruins was incredibly disappointing. About a year ago there was a lot of buzz surrounding this novel. When I finally got around to reading it I was very excited. But, it’s a dud. Two college-age couples head to Mexico for some R&R. There they pair up with a German and a Greek, and head off on an adventure to find the German’s brother who has disappeared with a girl. In the jungle, they become trapped on a hill by local Mayans, who for some unknown reason will not let them leave. Then they begin to find bodies and find out why the are being held hostage. Trapped, starving, injured, and scared they are subject to the mysteries of the hill and the influence of each other.

I just wished these kids would stopped whining! The girls especially were snivelling; I just wanted them to get off their butts and do something! There was minimal suspense, and the graphic nature did not add to the horror. Overall, a very ridiculous book.


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