Stardust was my second attempt at Neil Gaiman. And I’m glad I attempted! Stardust is a fairy tale, with witches and princes and damsels in distress. So how could you go wrong? Tristan Thorn enters the magical land of Faerie to retrieve a fallen star for the woman he is smitten with. Thorn, being a good English lad, is surprised and awed by the wonders of this world. He finds that his star is not a rock, but a young lady. He and the star must battle witches and live with pirates, and by the end he finds he may not be as in love with the woman from home as he thought, and that a star might be his true destiny.

Stardust is smart and fun, sometimes frightening, and almost always thrilling. It is being compared to The Princess Bride, which I think is a fair comparison. The Princess Bride has more wit perhaps, but Stardust still has all the heart.


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