Sparkling Cyanide

Sparkling Cyanide


I read another Agatha Christie!  And, of course, it was really good.  But guess what!  I figured out who-did-it!  Not how, but who.  Sparkling Cyanide begins with the death of Rosemary Barton, a beautiful but empty woman dining at dinner with friends and family.   Her poisoning by cyanide is ruled a suicide, but all those at dinner have a motive for killing her.  Soon her husband suspects foul play, and an investigation ensues with twists and surprises.  Who actually killed Rosemary, and are they responsible for another death too?

Everyone in this book was so suspicious!  It was really a great group of characters.  First instincts aren’t always right in this mystery, and the way everything wraps up neatly was really impressive.  I think I liked the other Agatha Christie’s a bit more, but this was still a great book.


Try Sparkling Cyanide if you like Agatha Christie’s other mystery And Then There Were None.


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