The Chrysalis

The Chrysalis


The Chrysalis by Heather Terrell is just a simple, for-fun novel with little depth.  It is an enjoyable book to relax with.  And because it’s about art, I don’t feel so guilty reading it.  The book consists of three interrelated stories, one from the 17th century, another in the midst of World War II, and the third in present day New York.  A 1600’s Dutch painter paints a wondrous picture to honor his lover and the Catholic Church.  This same picture is stolen by Nazi’s from the owners during the Second War.  And in the present, the true ownership of the painting is disputed in court between the descendant of the former owners and an auction house. 

The main character is a present-day attorney representing the auction house, and she is an interesting, although possibly alcoholic, heroine.  She of course falls for her client, who has his own secrets.  I knew from the first chapters what the twist would be, but who wants a fun read that makes you think too much?  Just a nice book.


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