The Man in the Brown Suit


Man in the Brown Suit



The Man in the Brown Suit is the latest Agatha Christie I read.  In this mystery, a young woman, Anne Beddingfeld, witnesses a strange death at a London train station.  A doctor in a Brown Suit pronounces him the man dead.  Anne then finds that the man’s death is linked to a nearby woman’s murder.  Soon, she is following this adventure to South Africa, taking it upon herself to solve the crime.  There is blackmail, diamonds, love, and disguises; I suppose all things that make a good mystery.

I enjoyed this book a lot, however I found the middle portion dragged a little.  The story is told by Anne as she writes the book.  She adds excerpts of another character’s journal to tell the portions of the story she was not witness to.  I’m not sure if it was my favorite form of story-telling.  The Man in the Brown Suit is a good mystery, and I love how everything comes together in the end, as Christie is known for.  I think I just liked some of her others better.


Try Man in the Brown Suit if you enjoyed Agatha Christie’s other mysteries And Then Their Were None, and Sparkling Cyanide (both MITBS and SC feature the character Colonel Race). 

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2 Responses to The Man in the Brown Suit

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  2. f.yu says:

    yeah the man in the brown suit is also the latest christie book that i read
    however i found it not as exciting as the others, mainly because of the absence of murders and dead bodies and all that stuffs that are so familiar among other christie’s works
    in fact the only person who got herself murdered is the russian dancer who was trying to blackmail her boss, other than that this book is completely about international conspiracies and all that stuffs
    that is why i would prefer other christie books to this, though i LOVE all her books
    right now i’m trying to find ‘crooked house’ and ‘curtain’ to read

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