Silent in the Grave

Silent in the Grave


Silent in the Grave is the first mystery in the Lady Julia Grey series by Deanna Raybourn.  In it, Julia’s husband dies suddenly of what’s believed to be a family heart defect.  However, as she begins to cope with her widowhood a rogue detective Nicholas Brisbane implies that perhaps her husband’s death was not natural.  Julia’s deceased husband had hired Brisbane when he began receiving threatening letters.  Now, Julia and Brisbane team up to figure out the murder, although they don’t usually (or ever) see eye to eye.  Julia discovers that her husband was not who she thought he was, and no members of her household are above suspicion. 

This book is dark and suspenseful.  I really enjoyed the dynamics between Julia and Brisbane.  And I never even got close to figuring out the mystery.  At over 500 pages, I was unsure if I wanted to start such a project.  But once I began, I couldn’t put the book down, and read it in less than three days.  I can’t wait to read the sequel!


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