Apparently I’m in a Mood…

dscn2384new.jpgWell, I noticed that the two books I’m reading are very similarly themed.  And actually, their titles are similar sounding when you think about it.  The first is the nonfiction piece The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, who is arguing his case against the existence of a God, particularly a personal one.  And the second?  The Darwin Conspiracy, a fiction novel about the man that the science-minded of us revere for his description of natural selection.  Entirely by accident I’m reading a book against creationism and a book about the man that definitively provided the world with the theory of evolution!  So to top it all off I’m looking at a book on Amazon, completely unrelated, called The Mathematics of Love.  And then I see the author… Emma Darwin.  The  great-great granddaughter of the famous naturalist!  This is getting eerie…

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2 Responses to Apparently I’m in a Mood…

  1. Chris says:

    It seems you are in a more questioning mood. I go through those. I am planning on picking up The God Delusion, but my interest was piqued by The Mathematics of Love… Will you be posting a review? Or should I just go pick that one up? Great blog!

  2. sadiejean says:

    Hey Christopher! I suppose you’re right, I am in a questioning mood, as always. Let me know if you want to borrow my God Delusion book sometime, I’m not quite done with it yet. As far as the Mathematics of Love, I haven’t read it yet, but plan on it. I’ll let you know if I buy it in case you want to borrow it. The paperback looks like it was just released. Here’s the Amazon link if you want to check out more.

    OH! And by the way, I love the new CvsC Blog! It’s really funny, and I’m awaiting the next list to vote on.

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