Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects


Well, this book is remarkably frightening and disturbing.  So, obviously, I enjoyed it immensely.  Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn follows Camille Preaker, a mediocre reporter for Chicago’s third string daily newspaper.  Under the pressure of her boss, she is to scoop the story of a child murder and another’s kidnap in her small southern hometown.  It’s been almost a decade since she’s been back to her mother’s home, and as we soon find out, her family is dysfunctional to an unheard of degree.  Camille’s younger sister died when they were both children, and a new daughter has taken her place, a 13-year old mainipulative queen bee who the mother dotes upon, and hates. Camille is haunted by her first sister’s death, and she is scarred over her entire body from cutting as a teen.

Camille is confronted by all her old acquaintances, each more devious and backstabbing than the next.  While police suspect an out-of-towner, Camille begins to believe that the murderer is one of the many suspicious people living in her town.  Sharp Objects is terrifying because, while the characters are disturbing, they are believable. Small-town America is freaky.


Try Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn if you like crime genre novels, such as In the Woods by Tana French.

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2 Responses to Sharp Objects

  1. charley says:

    I’m not sure that I like crime novels, but I like the title of this book, and it sounds interesting… and VERY disturbing.

  2. sadiejean says:

    It is very interesting and disturbing. I say give it a try, maybe you’ll find a new genre you like!

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