Will Books Survive the Internet?

Here’s a neat article from the Chicago Tribune by Julia Keller from today, called “Relevance of the book questioned in Internet age?”.  The basic question she raises is:

Yet in an age in which computers are as common as cockroaches, in which the Internet is king, in which seemingly every crumb of information is being sucked up and digitized in a busy blur, does the book—the tangible kind, not the virtual version—have a future?

But it seems that library usage is up, as well as book sales.  It’s a interesting article, check it out.

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3 Responses to Will Books Survive the Internet?

  1. Jonathan says:

    As was said in that other article, I don’t think that digital books will be replacing regular ones any time soon. Unlike listening to music, most people cannot read an entire book on a computer screen. What digitizing books CAN do is give people the opportunity to browse more easily before they buy (from home) and it will give search engines the opportunity to index them so that searches will be more helpful.

    Types of books like cookbooks and poetry, where sections are short and disjointed may have more difficulty than novels.

  2. Chris says:

    We can observe in other media types (music, movies, etc.), and human activities in general, that there exist definite cycles. As one genre of music or film begins to reign, another begins to rise. This is due to the fact that either the novelty of the genre ran out (ie. boy bands) or fans look to the past to find a path to future creations, like the (de-)evolution of rock from Delta Blues to “rock” to grunge to punk to emo. In the case of the internet, it has only been a feature in every home for the last decade and a half, and though it is also constantly evolving, this lends itself to the latter example of “looking to the past”. I think people in general want something they can turn to that will be the same every time they use it. And, like Jonathan’s comment, you cannot read a whole book on a screen (among the many other problems associated with the medium). People will want the information at their fingertips, but will find comfort that it can be found in a timeless format – a book. As the novelty of trying to do everything possible online wears off, people will go back to their comfort zones.

  3. johnybravo1 says:

    The post above was made when I was not logged in to wordpress. Ok, have a good one!

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