The Trench


The Trench


As those who know me can attest, I occasionally (often) like to read bad books.  But not just any bad books, but books that are meant to be bad, and therefore are just entertaining, mindless, and sometimes a bit humorous.  That is why I forayed, once again, into the work of Steve Alten. This time I read his sequel to MEG, called The Trench.  As you may or may not remember from MEG, we left paleobiologist Jonas Taylor, after the death of Meg, the Megaladon (huge prehistoric shark) he unleashed from the Marianas Trench.  Now he works with his father-in-law in an aquarium who’s star attraction is Meg’s offspring, Angel.  Angel is bigger and badder than Meg, and trying to escape.  Of course she does, and The Trench is the story of the destruction she causes, and Taylor’s attempt to stop it once and for all.  Of course, there are terrorists, a seductress, the CIA, nuclear fusion, and pliesiosaurs, because what good novel wouldn’t have all these?

So is this a life-altering book?  No.  Is it fun and entertaining?  Yes.  Fans of MEG will certainly enjoy this sequel.  And even though I knew it was going to be my kind of a “bad” book, I was still left with two questions: 1) Who seriously names a character Captain Morgan, and 2) If the escape of a terrifying prehistoric shark is international news, and it is common knowledge that her location is unknown, why do all these people still go to the beach, go on fishing trips, or even get into boats at all?  I mean, really.


Try The Trench if you liked MEG by Steve Alten, or Steve Alten’s other novel The Loch

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