The Body in the Library

The Body in the Library


The Body in the Library is my least favorite Agatha Christie to date.  Not to say it was bad, but her other books had a little more excitement, intrigue, and spunk to them.  This book is one of the many Miss Marple mysteries, of which Miss Marple (obviously) is the sly, old-lady detective that uses her observational skills, and her awareness of human behavior, to solve a mystery that has the police stumped. 

When a dead blonde is found in the library of a Mrs. Bantry, she calls on Miss Marple to find the murderer, and take the heat off her husband.  Soon the investigation has led the pair to an fancy hotel, where the woman was a dancer and hostess.  Everyone they find connected to the girl is somewhat suspicious, but only Miss Marple can figure out who the true murderer is.

I didn’t mind the old-fashioned feel of this mystery; it’s one of the aspects I like best about Agatha Christie’s mysteries.  I suppose I just never felt any passion for the characters or the murder.  I didn’t feel desperate to solve it myself, or care either way who the criminal was.  Overall, there was too much gab and not enough intrigue, but all considering it was still a good mystery and I certainly did not guess the solution.  I’ll have to try another Miss Marple mystery and see if I enjoy it more.


Try The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie if you enjoyed her other mysteries The Man in the Brown Suit, And Then There Were None, and Sparkling Cyanide.

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