Banned Books Week and Your First Dirty Book

Well, Banned Books Week comes to a close tomorrow, after a week of celebrating our freedom to read!  I saw this article in the Chicago Tribune today, and it made me smile.  It asks the reader to reminisce about the first “dirty” book they read, meaning a book with a theme or scene that caught them a little off-guard.  Did you try to hide the book from your parents?  Did it make you blush?  Was the whole sixth grade obsessed with it?  I don’t remember my first “dirty” book, but I thought this article was especially fitting because I am currently listening to an audiobook in the car that has some pretty descriptive sex scenes, and it is ridiculously uncomfortable to listen to!  Plus, the same narrator woman does the female voice and her male partner’s, and so it’s like some bizarre one-woman porn.  Anyways, Happy Banned Books Week!

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One Response to Banned Books Week and Your First Dirty Book

  1. Elena says:

    I’m currently reading Fanny Hill, the very first erotic novel written ever! And it’s a little bit embarrasing although it is VERY good. Maybe you should give it a try!



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