I got Twisted by Andrea Kane on audio-book for my long car rides.  It is classified as “romantic-suspense”, which isn’t exactly my favorite genre, but I can’t follow plots or characters that are too complicated while driving.  It follows basically the same path that books of this type do.  Sloane Burbank is a former FBI agent who has had a tragic hand-injury (you read that right), and now cannot operate her weapon, and so has become an independent consultant.  One day she gets a call from the family of Penny, a childhood friend, and is told that Penny has been missing for almost a year.  To find her, and perhaps others, Sloane is forced to work with her ex-lover Derek Parker.  As Sloane and Derek come closer to catching a potential serial killer, they become closer to each other (surprise!).  

This book was fairly entertaining, serving it’s purpose of getting me to and from school in the car.  It’s not great literature, it’s not particularly original, but it was suspenseful in it’s own way.  And I didn’t  figure out the perpetrator exactly, so that’s a plus.  

Basically I’ve read this story a hundred times before, strong female detective-FBI agent- and/or cop must solve the crime without being trapped herself, and she has a strong man to help her and make her swoon a little.  I suppose it’s a formula that works.  The only other thing I wanted to say was that I found the “romantic-scenes” incredibly uncomfortable.  I wouldn’t know how to write a love scene either, but those way too were weird to read (or in my case listen to, even more awkward!)

I think fans of this genre will actually enjoy this book.  Either I’m too much of a snob or just have read too many books like this in the past.  It was a good book to pass time in the car, and it did have very exciting moments.


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