A Good and Happy Child


Well, let’s finish off the reviews of 2008 with one of my favorite books of 2008.  A Good and Happy Child by Justin Evans surprised me in it’s intelligence, suspense, and originality.  George Davis and his wife have just had their first baby, but George finds he’s unable to be near the child.  He his haunted by a difficult childhood, in which he believes he was tormented by a demon visible only to himself.  George describes to us the work of his father, who spent his life researching demons and performing exorcisms, and the actions of his father’s friends to try and save George.  Throughout the book you wonder if this is a horror story or a psychological thriller.  What is real and what is in the mind?  Do demons exist in the biblical or paranormal sense, or are we all just tormented by our own “demons”?  This book was fascinating!  I couldn’t stop reading it.  Every time I had decided that I knew what was happening, a new piece of the puzzle was thrown at me and I had to reassess my assumptions all over again.  This is definitely a scary story.  By the end I was saying “oh no, oh no!” out-loud as I saw final events unfold about themselves.  If you haven’t heard about this book, pick it up!


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