Beautiful Lies


When reporter Ridley Jones saves a little boy from being hit by a car, it seems her 15 minutes of fame have arrived.  But instead of happiness, Ridley’s world is overturned by a picture of a young girl mailed to her, asking “Are you my daughter?”  She confronts her parents, who insist that she is, of course, their daughter.  But the new next-door neighbor Jake, who Ridley pours her story out to, seems less sure about the whole situation.  Soon everyone in Ridley’s life is implicated in a bizarre cover-up, her drug-addicted, sometimes homeless brother; her parents who have been hiding numerous secrets; her rich, doting, alcoholic uncle Max; and even her exboyfriend, a pediatrician who pretends to have Ridley’s best interests at heart.

The premise of Lisa Unger’s Beautiful Lies is original and innovative.  I didn’t always find it as exciting as it sounds, and I sometimes wished it was wrapping up quicker than it was.  However, Beautiful Lies is an overall thrilling and suspenseful novel, with more intelligence than most.  I plan on looking into Unger’s other novels Black Out, and Sliver of Truth.


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