The Last Summer of You and Me


The Last Summer of You and Me is a novel written for adults by the author of “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” series for young adults.  It follows two sisters who return each summer to Fire Island to bask in the sun, swim in the ocean, and escape most of life’s hassles.  This year Alice is 21, and suddenly her sister Riley’s best friend Paul is looking more intriguing than he has in the past.  As their romance begins Alice and Paul try to keep their relationship a secret.  When a serious medical condition threatens to destroy all three in separate ways, the island can no longer be their sanctuary from the adult world they were all avoiding joining.  

I read this book a few months back, and it was entertaining, but nothing I thought was too innovative.  This book would be most appropriate for readers just out of their teen years, who have grown too much for Branshares Traveling Pants books but are still looking for characters they can relate too.  I do think this book has a place, even though I was not personally that impressed with it.  The Last Summer of You and Me would be the perfect summer read on a beach or by the pool.  A bit of romance, a bit of tragedy, a lot drama.  


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