Mating Rituals of the North American WASP


This is not the type of book I ever read.  That being said, I LOVED THIS BOOK.  First, The Mating Rituals of the North American WASP by Lauren Lipton has such a cute title!  And from there the book remains just as cute and light, and is a fun summer read.  It is chic-lit at its finest: smart, funny, and willing to poke a little fun at itself.

It starts as these things do, Peggy Adams wakes up hungover in Vegas married to a stranger.  We’ve all had that happen, so we can’t judge.  Her new husband is the WASP of the title, Luke, a man under a lot of pressure to live up to his last-name and maintain the family wealth.  Luke’s aunt owns a magnificent old house, in which he can only sell if he stays married to Peggy for one year.  And Peggy’s business is failing, so she is desperate for the money she would receive with the sale.  But of course they don’t get along — until they do — and you know how this goes, and nobody would ever be surprised by this storyline.

But Lauren Lipton is witty, and so this cliched story works.  And if it is a sunny day and you have some free time for some girl-reading, I think you’ll enjoy this one.


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