Standing Still


I read Standing Still by Kelly Simmons in one sitting, while riding on the train to downtown Chicago.  It is not a big book, it is not a particularly profound book, but it was an enjoyable read and it passed the time well.  We chose this novel for our June book club selection.   We all had similar perspectives about the book.  None of us were blown away, but we all enjoyed the story for what it was.

A former journalist, with a hidden past continuously alluded to, Claire is now the mom that does it all, all the while suffering from panic disorder.  A kidnapper breaks into Claire’s home, and she begs him to take her instead of her daughter.  So begins the seven days Claire is held captive.  Claire undertakes a journey while in one hotel room, and light is shed on who she has become, the life she now leads, the man who is her husband, and the bond developing with her mysterious abductor.

This is not a novel of action and plot, as is implied through the title.  It is instead a window into a character and a life, and a peak at how the decisions we make and relationships we have lead us down very unexpected paths.  Claire comes out the other side a new women with a new perspective, but I was left with more questions and a sense of incompleteness.  But that may have been intentional; Claire’s new life was just beginning I suppose.


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