The Hallowe’en Party

Here is my first in my Halloween Book reviews!  It is the beginning of October and time to get into the Spooky Spirit.  My first selection was The Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie.  This book is perfect for those looking for a seasonal story that is neither scary, nor gory.


The Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie is one of the series of Hercule Poroit mysteries, one of her recurring detectives.  It all begins with an old-fashioned, very quaint Halloween Party (of course), which ends with a young girl drowned while bobbing for apples.  Poroit is called to assist in the investigation and solve the murder mystery.  No one in town seemed  particularly fond of the girl, and most called her a liar.  So can her confession that she witnessed a murder be believed?  If true, it seems a good motive for murder.  In which case, the murderer must have been a member of the party who overheard her boast.

This mystery is quite dated, and so sometimes reads almost comically.  And it was less than suspenseful through most of the book.  But Christie does what she is good at, and provides some nice twists and great character development.  This is a great Fall pick for those in the mood for a quaint mystery with a good ending.


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