The Sister


What a wacky book!  What is this supposed to be about and what in the world possessed Poppy Adams to write this? This book may win as the weirdest of the year.  The Sister is told by Virginia (Ginny), who’s perspective, the reader soon realizes, is really messed up.  I kept trying to figure out what exactly her mental disorder diagnosis would be.  I mean FREAKY lady.  Ginny is an old woman who is famous for studying moths (well, at least in “moth circles”, whatever those may be).  She is very, very stuck in her ways and more than slightly OCD.  Agoraphobic, she never leaves her house anymore.  She is also obsessed with the time; she has multiple watches and clocks everywhere, and she is always checking them.  When her estranged sister, Vivien, shows up to live with Ginny in the home where the both grew up, Ginny must face truths that she has never understood about their past and their parents.  THESE PEOPLE ARE MESSED UP.  There mother is an alcoholic, their father obsessed with moths, Vivien’s husband is instructed to impregnate Ginny, who apparently is mentally disabled in some undefinable way!  All the while we learn much more than we ever needed to about the life of moths.

This book messed with my mind, and not in a good way.  Try it only if you are a moth-lover.


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