The Stupidest Angel


At first I didn’t think I liked The Stupidest Angel.  I mean, I love irreverence and all, but I had just expected Christopher Moore’s writing to be so funny, like laugh out loud funny, and when it wasn’t I felt as if I was missing out on the inside joke.  But then, about halfway through, I realized this book was going to be about Christmas zombies (the best kind), and I am a sucker for funny zombies of any kind (especially from Plan Nine From Outerspace, see the movie if you haven’t already).  But CHRISTMAS zombies, that’s pure literary genius.  So this book became much more special in my eyes and my heart, and I say if you’re looking for a holiday tale that is not sad, sappy, or holy in any way, this one might be for you.  Now, it must be said that there is some inappropriateness in actions and language, so those who are turned off by that in their tales of Christmas Joy may want to pass.  But anyone looking to read a story about how the Warrior Babe of the Outland saves Christmas from the Ikea-loving undead, your holiday wish has been granted.

After reading a bit more about the book, it seems that many of the characters that appear in this story are from other of Christopher Moore’s work as well, so I may have to check them out at some point.


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1 Response to The Stupidest Angel

  1. Elenía says:

    It was the first of C. M’s books I read and I loved it! Now I think you may also like “Suck it” . Give it a try and let me know 🙂

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