Deja Dead


Another book I actually read last fall.  Isn’t it sad when a new year roles around and you haven’t completed your tasks for the year before?  But I digress…

Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs is the first in the Temperance Brennan series that spurred the Fox tv series Bones, which I adore.  So I decided to go back to the beginning to read the novels.  I have also read the second Death du Jour, which (hopefully) will be reviewed soon.  Let me first say that these books hardly resemble the television series at all.  That being said, I really don’t think they are worse off for it.  This was a great, suspenseful crime novel that even those who are fans of the show will love on its own merits.

Brennan is an American forensic anthropologist working in Montreal.  When called to the scene of a crime, Brennan uncovers a new corpse, which reminds her of a previous case she was involved with.  After a time she begins to suspect the work of a serial killer.  The Montreal police do not agree.  So Brennan decides to do some detective work on her own, putting her at odds with the investigators and in the sights of the murderer himself.

This was a pretty exciting first installment in the series.  Brennan is likeable and brilliant, and more steeped in the real world than her television counterpart.  There is a hint of some romance between her and one of the detectives, which I have a feeling will develop through the series.  The story is fast paced, thrilling, and intelligent.  It is also obvious how much Reichs knows about forensic anthropology (she is a forensic anthropologist after all).

My only complaints?  I thought the novel started a little slow, but being the first in the series I suppose it had to do some explaining first.  Secondly, sometimes I got frustrated with how often Brennan put herself in harm’s way.  It is one thing to go out on a limb to solve a crime, another to be so stubborn you almost get yourself killed.  Oh, and there is quite a bit of French- not all of which is then translated, but usually the point was still gotten across.

Side-note:  One more thing that adds to the “coolness” of this book, and which says a little about its plot- the first keyword on Amazon for the book is, of all things, “sexual sadists”.  Who came up with that keyword?  Awesome.


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  1. eleanorbess says:

    It is in my TO-READ list for 2010 among other 8 books!! It sounds interesting but oh God! the French thing… I cannot even figure a single word outu of it and it is supposed to be a sister-language to my mother tongue. I hope the Spanish edition has explanatory foot-notes, then.

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