Death du Jour


Readers of Kathy Reichs’s cool and clever first forensic thriller Déjà Dead will recognize the ironic voice of Tempe (short for Temperance) Brennan, the North Carolina-born scientist who winds up working at the Laboratoire de Médicine Légale in Montreal. Here she bristles at the conservative attitudes of some of her Canadian colleagues.

Despite the cold weather, Tempe’s workload quickly becomes heavy: the bones of a long-dead nun now up for sainthood have been moved and tampered with; a deadly house fire turns out to be arson; and a university teaching assistant disappears after joining a cult. Tempe must figure out where (and why) all the bodies are buried in the hard Canadian ground. Her investigations take her home to North Carolina, and to a strange colony living on an offshore island.

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It’s been a while since I read this installment in the Bones series.  These are just entertaining books that are fun to read and don’t make you think too much.  I really enjoy Brennan as a character, and I enjoy the relationships she has with her coworkers, daughter, sister, and the victims themselves.  There is nothing groundbreaking about this series, nor is it always realistic, but it reliably provides some escapist diversions.  When you’re looking for something quick and exciting, these are great books to pick up.  Since it’s been so long, I don’t have anything more specific to say!  Sorry!

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2 Responses to Death du Jour

  1. A murder mystery that doesn’t make you think too much? Hmm, not sounding so great to me… 😉

  2. sadiejean says:

    It’s not completely mindless, but it’s more like a movie where it just unfolds without you having to work too hard. My brain gets tired 😦

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