The Reserve


What to say, what to say?  I got this book in the clearance bin!  Score.  What else…

No, it wasn’t that terrible actually.  But The Reserve by Russell Banks is not a book I’m going to go out of my way to recommend to friends.  And since you are my friends too, readers, I am gonna say skip it to you as well.  Unless, maybe, you have extra free time and find this in the bargain bin as I did.

Plot summary now commences:  Setting- 1930’s Adirondacks.  The rich, now divorced (scandal!) young daughter of a wealthy doctor is spending the July 4th holiday at the family “cabin”.  When local artist, womanizing cliche Jordon Groves, flies in for a visit, this obnoxious socialite, Vanessa, decides to for some reason to destroy his home life.  Yada Yada, other things ensue.

Okay, so I never really understood why any of the characters in the book were doing the stupid things they were doing.  But then I didn’t really care either.  I ended up skimming through portions of this book.  I will say, however, that the scenic descriptions of the Adirondacks were beautiful, and I actually liked Groves’ wife– until I didn’t.  And there are all these other loose pieces involving madness, and the Spanish Civil War, and dirigibles (of all things).

Anyways, I haven’t read any other Russell Banks books, but his others are rumored to be genius.  Guess he just took a wrong turn on this one.  But I got it on sale!!


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