Grave Sight


Well fellow readers, October has come. Which means it is time for some good mysteries, spooky reads, and novels of suspense!  First review of the season is a recent Anderson Family Book Club reading choice, Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris, of the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood fame.  This is the first in her Harper Connelly Mystery series.  We chose this for book club because we were looking for a book that could start us on a series, should we desire to continue.

This series’ protagonist is Harper Connelly (obviously, if the series is named after her).  Harper is a bit anomalous- she knows where dead people are and can figure out their cause of death.  How does this come about?  Well a freak childhood lightning strike of course!  Anyways, besides her, um, talent, Harper is an otherwise pretty ordinary woman.  Along with her stepbrother, Tolliver, she sets off to Arkansas to find the body of a missing teen girl.  Even though she was called in by them, she faces a lot of hostility from the townspeople for her gift.  Once Harper finds the body, the she and Tolliver want to leave quick, but they become detained in this town where there is something darker going on.

While not great literature, I really enjoyed this read because it was fun, fast, and quirky.  Every once in a while one needs a light read to keep up the reading momentum.  I appreciated that Harper was an otherwise normal woman, besides her extra sense.  She was very relatable, sarcastic, honest, and moral.  However, I did not like the character Tolliver at all.  First of all, this is not a normal sister-stepbrother relationship, which I am sure future books will explore, but it gave me the willies.  Plus, he had a mustache, which is gross (yes, for some reason this affected my reading of the story).  Also, I figured out the motive behind the murder fairly quickly, although this didn’t detract from the enjoyment of the novel as much as you would expect.  I would definitely be willing to read the second in the series next time I feel the need for a break from heavier tomes.  Our book club members all seemed to enjoy it; our biggest complaint was that we could only find it in mass market paperback!  Not the worst problem to have with a book though.


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3 Responses to Grave Sight

  1. lucybirdbooks says:

    Great review. Have you read the Sookie Stackhouse series too, how do you think this compares?

    Thanks for visiting my blog by the way 🙂

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