Daddy Long Legs


Looking for the perfect little book, which is simple, sweet, and goodhearted?  It wont take you long to read, but it will make you smile.  Daddy Long Legs, written by Jean Webster in 1912, is the story of Jerusha Abbot, a young woman living in an orphanage and pondering her future.  A nameless benefactor wishes to send her to college in the hopes that she will blossom as an author.  The catch?  The trustee wishes her to write a letter each month to address her progress at school, and he will NOT reply to these letters.  Jerusha refers to him as Daddy Long Legs, and through her letters we see her grow from meek Jerusha to Judy Abbot, the collegiate, the author, and the woman.

This story was obviously written in a different time.  But how refreshing is a book that is wholesome and simply written well.  I am not usually a fan of the epistolary style, but Jerusha is such a gem it works perfectly.  As does watching her develop a loving relationship with a nameless trustee despite his lack of response.  The end ties up very neatly, and is not really a huge surprise, which would normally bother me a bit.  But it just seems how this little book is supposed to be; it ends as nicely as it started.

So take a sunny day and read Judy Abbot’s letters!


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